Using Baked Italian Sausage - All You Need To Know - Using Baked Italian Sausage - All You Need To Know -

Using Baked Italian Sausage – All You Need To Know

Baked Italian Sausage

Baked Italian Sausage recipe is so versatile that it can be used for so many different recipes. Just like you could throw up any type of sausage on the grill, you can throw together any kind of recipe and make this great product! Here are some of the most popular uses of this versatile sausage and what the sausage looks best on.

Baked Italian Sausage 


A good way to start your next dinner is by throwing together a bbq pork recipe. If cooked as shown here, you can then toss in some sliced bbq Italian sausage, some garlic and onion, and a little marinara (violin) sauce if desired! Either way, a little marinara (violin) sauce makes a great added topping for any salad or side dish! Also, if using this recipe, some extra marinara sauce can be added to the pan just before the meat is cooked for the desired results.

Baked Italian Sausage With Chicken 

A slice of pizza

If you have some fresh grilled chicken, it would look great to mix in this tasty sausage with the cooked chicken. I find that it works best on a hot grill. Place the cooked chicken one side of the hot grill, and then throw in the sausage, onions, and garlic into the other side. This works well with a lot of different styles of barbecue such as a wood fired one or charcoal. You can cook the sausage over direct heat (no lid needed), or you can put the sausage in the oven for a few minutes to let the flavor really shine through.

Another of my favorite uses for bbq sausage is when grilling ribs. I love to put a piece of this sausage in the ribs after cooking. It does not get burned, it cooks quickly, and it is delicious! This can be done almost anywhere with just a little bit of marinara (violin) sauce. Try it with some cilantro or lemon pepper as well.

BBQ Chicken

If you want a more traditional and less fad version of sausage, you could try making a BBQ pork recipe. that consists of shredded BBQ pork, a little garlic, a little cheese, and some onions. Put everything into a baking dish and place the baking dish in the oven for about thirty minutes, or so, until the pork is nice and soft and fluffy!

Another of my favorite uses for bbq sausage is on a pizza. Simply dice up the pork and put it in some marinara (you can buy marinara at the store), bake it in the oven, and then top with some tomato sauce, cheese, onions, and some garlic and some basil and you have the ultimate pizza!

BBQ sandwiches

These are another great way to use up this delicious sausage. If you want to put something on a pizza for lunch, toss a slice on the sandwich, or simply want to make a quick sandwich for dinner, simply dice up the bbq sausage and put it on your favorite sandwich, or throw it in with other items in your fridge or freezer.

Another great thing about this great product is that it freezes really well for a quick and healthy snack between meals or between bbq’s! ! So, when you’re ready for a change, all you have to do is throw out the frozen product and make up a fresh batch of Italian sausage.

For a quick and easy meal for dinner that you can prepare and bake for any occasion, you can toss together some BBQ flavored potatoes (like baby carrots or yellow sweet potatoes), some red onions, and some BBQ sauce. You can use your favorite barbecue sauce to coat the outside of the potatoes for a crispy taste, or you can use your favorite barbecue dressing! to coat the inside of the potatoes.


In addition to being incredibly versatile, the best way to enjoy this product is by using it as an ingredient in a BBQ recipe! Using it in place of bacon or ham can be a great way to add a little something extra to any meal! If you want something to go with your main meal and not only add to it, but actually make it a meal, you can serve up this great product with chicken or steak.

Something else that you will really enjoy when using big sausage is by putting it into a quiche or even on a pizza! I like to use it in place of mozzarella or some parmesan and serve it up as an appetizer for my guests!

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