Understanding Crust: 4 Types of Pizza You Have To Try


From the day of its inception in Italy, pizza has become people’s favorite. It has undergone different changes in terms of toppings as well as crust. Today, the pizza restaurant serves delicious pizzas. Thus, it is better to have an idea about the types of pizza that you can get in a restaurant. It will help you order the one that you like.

Chicago Pizza

Popular as the deep-dish pizza, you cannot have enough of this delicious pizza. The specialty of this pizza from Chicago lies in its toppings. Mushrooms, minced beef, green peppers, onions, sausage, and pepperoni are the typical toppings that lay below the tomato sauce layer. In some places of Chicago, you will see a layer of Parmesan above the tomato sauce, which makes it richer in taste. The baking pan is coated with oil so that the crust becomes crispier and it comes out easily out of the pan. However, this exquisite pizza from the kitchen of Chicago will take about half an hour to bake to perfection.

Sicilian Pizza

The uniqueness of this particular pizza lies in its cut, pillow-like dough, spicy tomato sauce, and crispy crust. Generally prepared with toppings like onions, tomatoes, anchovies and Italian herbs, the pizza from Sicily is eaten mostly without the cheese. Even if cheese is added, it stays underneath the tomato sauce so that the pizza doesn’t become soggy. A huge square slice of Sicilian pizza is enough for a person. Before baking the pizza, do not forget to apply blended olive oil on the pan, and depending on the temperature of the oven, you need to bake it from 20 minutes to half an hour.

California Pizza

Are you looking for a gourmet pizza prepared with some bizarre ingredients? Then do not look beyond the palatable pizza from California. Having started its journey in the 1070s, it has been mesmerizing people with its different flavor and distinct taste. The important thing is you cannot have traditional California pizza as they do not have any such thing. Thus, you can be quite inventive while ordering your pizza in California as you can choose your ingredients yourself. From goat cheese to chicken or artichokes to eggs, you can have any topping on your pizza. Not only toppings, but you are also free to choose the type of crust as well. In other words, they have both thin crust and thick crust pizza.

4 Types Of Pizza Served By Pizza Restaurant

New York Pizza

Whenever you are in New York, do try this American style pizza. Its foldable slices, crunchy layer outside, and simple toppings of tomato sauce and mozzarella will make your heart happy. Different condiments like red pepper flakes, dried oregano, and garlic powder are used to accompany the pizza. Even though previously, the pizza in New York City is prepared in an oven of coal or wood, but nowadays they are mostly prepared in gas deck ovens. Believe me, this change in the cooking medium hasn’t affected the taste a bit!