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Tourist Tips – The Roma Italian Restaurant

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The Roma Italian restaurant, just outside the Maine Resort area, was opened in 1976. They are owned by two brothers; George and Harry Gocca. They are talented cooks and have a reputation for excellence. They now serve some of the most famous food in Maine.

The Restaurant is locally owned and operated. It is often full even on peak holidays. The restaurant has a very casual atmosphere. You can order at the counter, or order in a group of five or six.

There is an abundance of ethnic foods in the United States, but few can match the unique flavors of the Italian family. There are also over 100 dishes to choose from, from appetizers to specialties. Don’t miss the Osteria Francesca, which is the only authentic Italian restaurant in the United States.


Italian Restaurant
Italian Restaurant

The Roma Italian restaurant in Penobscot, Maine, specializes in making authentic pasta dishes. Their signature dish is the Ambrosiano. The Ambrosiano is a pasty pastry with tomato sauce and ricotta cheese.

Appetizers can be accompanied by starter wines, so you can order an appetizer with your entree. These starters include garlic shrimp with polenta and vegetables or veal Parmesan with goat cheese and vegetables. There are exotic fruit dishes available, and a rich and flavorful vegetable soup called Zuppa (or Zuppa Toscana in Italian).

The other signature dish in this restaurant in Penobscot is their Risotto. It is a fine pasta dish that uses a risotto base. You will find that you get the same hearty taste from this particular pasta dish when you dine in the Roma Italian restaurant.

Popular Dishes

Other popular dishes include beef pizzas, lasagna, and the traditional Scampi Italian sausage. There are numerous selections of Italian coffee beverages. A typical menu in the Roma Italian restaurant offers items such as Clams Mac and Cheese with Marmite Cream Cheese; A Garlic Chicken Meatloaf; Reuben Sandwiches; and Italian Pasta Casserole. This is not all that is offered on the menu; there are many other specialties such as the Savory Panzanella (pork rinds) and Casati di Napoletana (Italian sausage). A buffet selection of foods is available for guests who want to try something new.

An early edition of The Roma Italian restaurant was located near the Star Ferry station in the hotel area of the town. When the hotel wasn’t available, the restaurant took over the restaurant space. After that, the restaurant moved to the land adjacent to the hotel and has continued to grow into a dining destination in Penobscot County.

In addition to the many delicious foods offered in the Roma Italian restaurant, the owners do not skimp on service. The owners serve hot Chardonnay to go with their menus. They offer excellent service and are willing to answer any questions that you may have about their food.

Visit The Roma Italian Restaurant

Tourist Tips - The Roma Italian Restaurant
Tourist Tips – The Roma Italian Restaurant

The Roma Italian restaurant also offers guided tours of the restaurant, in which you will learn about the history of the Roma people. Many tourists come to Maine to experience the true heritage of the northern part of Italy. The food of the Roma is said to be similar to what the Italians ate hundreds of years ago.

The Gocca family has a family name that is rich in both food and wine. They are extremely proud of their food and have been working to create the perfect Italian food for generations. They started the business with one mission: to serve the freshest of Italian food with quality.

If you ever get the chance to visit the Roma Italian restaurant in Penobscot, please do not hesitate to stop in. You won’t be disappointed!

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