Top Italian Restaurants In India


Italian Food, over the past few decades, is getting popular day by day throughout the world. While the whole world is in the love of Pizza and Pasta, Italian Food is much more than the two delicious dishes. There are thousands of different Italian foods which have different taste, texture, smell and of course taste. And with Italian dishes going in every corner of the world, it is mixing with the authentic taste of a particular country. This, in turn, is making several new varieties of Italian dishes with some touch and blend of the specific country. There are several thousands of Italian restaurants throughout the world.

There are several Italian restaurants in India as well which serves the most authentic and delicious of Italy. However, there are some other restaurants as well which blends Indian flavor in Italian dishes, thereby making new hybrid Italian foods. The best examples will be Punjabi Pasta and Red Sauce Pasta.

Top Italian Restaurants In India
Top Italian Restaurants In India

Let us look at the best Italian Restaurants in India-

Artusi Ristorante-E-Bar Italian Restaurant

This restaurant is in Greater Kailash, New Delhi. As soon as you step into the place, you feel the vibes of Emilia-Romagna. It is a perfect romantic restaurant for lovely couples. Artusi Ristorante e Bar Italian Resturant has the company of soothing light and romantic music throughout the day. Wide varieties of wines and delicious authentic Italian dishes make the place even more enjoyable. The famous dishes of this restaurant are – Pappardella Faraona, Gamberoni Alla Griglia, and The Lamb Chops. Price for two people in this place will range from 2500-3000 Rupees, excluding the alcohol. The restaurant is open from 11:30 am to 1:00 am.

Trattoria, Taj Vivanta

One of the most famous restaurants in Mumbai, Trattoria, Taj Vivanta is renowned for its late-night food serving.  In other words, even if it is a night at 3:00 am, and all the restaurants and bars closed, you will find some interesting stuff to eat and drink and enjoy in this place. The restaurant boasts of its Italian dishes which get served all around the day. Apart from the Food, the ambiance of the place is slow too good. It has soothing music all the way along. The restaurants are best known for their cheezy pizza, crunchy pasta and loads of wine. The price for two people will range from 1000-1200 rupees for two people, excluding drinks. The restaurant is open from 11 am to 4 am.

Top Italian Restaurants In India
Top Italian Restaurants In India


If you are at a lookout for the best authentic Italian food in New Delhi, the Travertino is the answer to your quest. This Italian restaurant has the full ambiance of what an Italian place should look like. A bar full of wines which opens to a dining area and loads of collections of cheese. What else do you want? The best Food available in this place is Homemade Fettuccine loaded with Crab & Asparagus, Wild Mushroom Risotto and gnocchi or ravioli.  The place is open from 12:30 to 3 pm and then from 7:00 to 11:15 pm. The price for two ranges from 5000 to 6000 rupees. These are the top 3 Italian restaurants in India.       

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