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Titillate Your Taste Buds With Exotic Roman Food

Titillate Your Taste Buds With Exotic Roman Food

When you visit Rome, keep ample time in your hand to dig into their exquisite delicacies. The capital city of Italy has some fantastic dishes on offer that are entirely different from the famous Italian cuisines. The culinary skills of the Romans make each item on the platter lip-smacking. That’s why it is always wise to know some of the mouthwatering Roman food before going there.

Supplí The Roman Food

Want to delve into some exclusive appetizer? Then you should give Supplí a try. Rice, loads of mozzarella and ragu are mixed together to make small croquettes and then deep-fried. Be it any time of the day, you can find these fiery rice balls in every corner of this capital city.

Titillate Your Taste Buds With Exotic Roman Food
Titillate Your Taste Buds With Exotic Roman Food

Carbonara Best Roman Food

In layman’s language, it is a pasta dish prepared in Roman style. Guanciale, raw egg yolk, grated pecorino and a dash of black pepper give this recipe a fantastic taste. Either rigatoni or spaghetti is used in preparing this delectable dish. Due to its palatability, it is omnipresent in Rome and if you are fond of pasta, make it a must in your to-do list while you are in this beautiful city.


Want to start your first day of the tour in Rome with some sweet stuff? Then Maritozzo is the impeccable option. This is a sweet bread roll prepared with pastry and cappuccino. However, the baking style in each region is diverse. Served with whipped cream in the center of the roll, it is perfect for making you crave for more. Do you have a kid? Then he or she will not have anything once they get the taste of this rich Roman sweet roll.

Saltimbocca Alla Romana

Can’t understand what it is? It is nothing but veal slices prepared with fresh ham and sage. The hefty slices of veal are marinated with prosciutto crudo (it is an Italian ham), ample white wine and sage and cooked to perfection before serving. The appropriate mix of spices, wine, and herbs, and the lusciousness make this dish totally worthy of trying.

Titillate Your Taste Buds With Exotic Roman Food
Titillate Your Taste Buds With Exotic Roman Food

Filetti Di Baccalá

When you get tired after touring the whole day, you certainly need some energizer and believe me, you will not find a better item to replenish your energy than this. The slices of codfish are seasoned with salt and dipped in a batter of eggs and deep-fried. The baccala is ubiquitous in this immortal city and the wonderful snacks for the afternoon.

Pizza Al Taglio

You are thinking about what is new in it. You can have pizza in any part of Italy. Here you go wrong. Yes, you indeed can have pizza anywhere, but the Roman pizza is utterly different in its taste, choice of topping. The most important thing is the people of Rome like to have a very thin crust in their pizza. Topped with some fresh rosemary along with pieces of Focaccia or tomato sauce along with fresh parsley, a slice of Roman pizza will make you ask for more.

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