The Only Italian Lasagna Recipe You’ll Ever Need


Lasagna is one of the favorite dishes for dinner, whether it is a holiday or the weekend. Non-vegetarian lasagna has meat in it, and a small portion of vegetable whereas vegetarian lasagna has the only vegetable as a base. The cheese and the combination of tomato sauce give it a flattering taste. It is very cheesy and sauce so children love it. It will not take much time to cook Italian lasagna recipe because it takes hardly any time to set, but baking takes some time. Let’s have a look at the delicious homemade Lasagna recipe.

The Only Italian Lasagna Recipe You’ll Ever Need
The Only Italian Lasagna Recipe You’ll Ever Need

We will learn today how to make vegetable lasagna that too in very less time. Within some time you will reach to baking process when you have all your chopping covered earlier. It is convenient to cook because of many reasons, and one of which is you do not have to boil the lasagna noodles. You can just lay they straight in the container and allow it to bake when you set the oven for baking. Lasagna recipe can be changed according to mood and taste because you can make it vegan and meat-free with giving it simple twists.

Lasagna Recipe

You can make lasagna in three varieties that can be with eggplant and without eggplant or vegan. It depends on how you want to eat the lasagna. We will look at the vegetable lasagna recipes which will have vegetables and spinach. You will need some ingredients for cooking like zucchini, yellow onion, baby spinach, carrot, red bell pepper, tomatoes, basil leaves, cloves, garlic mozzarella cheese, lasagna noodles, olive oil, salt, and black pepper powder. When you cook Italian dish, a lot of cheese goes into the bowl. You will need around one hour for getting the meal ready, and an oven is necessary.

The Only Italian Lasagna Recipe You’ll Ever Need
The Only Italian Lasagna Recipe You’ll Ever Need


1.   Chop the carrot, spinach, zucchini, yellow onion, red bell pepper and tomatoes in small pieces.

2.    You have to pre-heat the oven at 452 degrees Fahrenheit before you put in the lasagna.

3.    Take a large skillet and heat it in medium, warm the olive oil on medium heat then add the chopped carrots, red bell peppers, and yellow onion.

4.    Allow the veggies to cook for five to ten minutes until the edges become golden brown.

5.    Add the baby spinach to it and cook the spinach until it wilted for about two to three minutes then switch off the heat and keep it aside.

6.    To make the sauce drain out all the excess of tomato juice from the mesh sieve and transfer the tomatoes to a bowl. Add basil, olive oil, salt garlic, and red pepper flakes and mix it well.

7.    In a bowl whip the cottage cheese and add some veggies to it. After that start assembling the lasagna.

8.    Take a container and start layering. Give the first layer of vegetables than tomato sauce and then lasagna noodles. Keep repeating until the brim of the bowl is filled and place it in the oven for thirty minutes.  

Serve hot, your Lasagna is ready to eat!