Some Italian Recipes With Ground Turkey You Should Definitely Try

Here is some lip-smacking Italian recipe with ground turkey you should try. Thanksgiving is here, and no Thanksgiving is complete without delicious turkey roast. However, minced turkey meat is lean and low-fat meat that is good for health. It is not that much costly, compared with a whole turkey bird. So it is suitable for both your health and your wallet.

Moreover, minced turkey is very soft and flavorful when cooked well. You can use ground turkey for making meatballs, burger patty, baked lasagna, ravioli, etc. It is ideal for all kinds of meaty fillings in the dish. Some easy Italian recipes are ground turkey meatballs, turkey noodles, burgers, enchiladas, turkey pasta bake, turkey stuffed bell papers, etc. The turkey meatball is the easiest one when you are running short of time. There are several simple ground turkey recipes that you can also try at home. Turkey mince is also an easily digestible food, and kids also love them. So, this thanksgiving, you can refrain from that age-old turkey roast and go for minced turkey recipes. You can find some impressive party starter recipes in the following article.

Italian recipes with ground turkey
Italian recipes with ground turkey

Some Easy Italian Recipes With Ground Turkey

Turkey meatball spaghetti: First, mix the ground turkey mix with salt, pepper, onion, and garlic powder. After resting the mix for some time, divide it in small round balls and fry them in low flame. Then after the upper crust of the meatball is brown, add some canned tomato paste with it. Add more salt and onion garlic powder as required. In the meantime, prepare the spaghetti and mix it with fried vegetables of your choice. Flatten the fried spaghetti mix on a plate then gently add the meatball gravy on the top. Your spaghetti meatballs are ready, serve hot.

Meatball Pasta: It is another super easy recipe for your kids. 1st boil the pasta of your choice with a pinch of salt. Now take vegetables and sauté lightly in low flame so that they don’t lose their crunch. Now add minced turkey meat with the plants and fry again after mixing salt and pepper. Then prepare the white or red sauce as per your preference then mix the meat and vegetable with it. Lastly, add the boiled pasta and toss gently

Italian recipes with ground turkey
Italian recipes with ground turkey

Other Easy Italian Recipes

Some other recipes using ground turkeys are as follows:

Turkey Burger: take ground turkey and add salt, paprika, onion, and garlic powder with it. Now shape the mix in a shape of patty and place in the frying pan in low flame. After it turns brown, then increase the fire and make it crispy. Take two burger buns and spread some mayonnaise on it. Then place the patty on the lower bun, add onion, and pickle slice with it. Then add a cheese slice and place the upper crust.

Turkey enchiladas, turkey pasta bake, turkey stuffed bell papers are some other ground turkey recipes to try.