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la cucina

La Cucina is one of many popular small family-owned restaurants in the historic part of Florence. Try out their La Cucina soup or the delicious La Cucina sandwich. Or just visit the restaurant for the taste of a mouthwatering local cuisine. Try to find out why people have been coming here for so many years!

Look up la cucina in Wikisaurus, the free online dictionary. Cucina is a Spanish word that means “a green plant used as a vegetable”. La Cucina can refer to the Italian 1 liter plastic water bottles known as “the mannequins” of famous Italian movies, or to the large scale posters of spaghetti westerns you may see in market stalls and souvenir shops. La Cucina can also mean “the mannequins in the garden”, “the mannequins at the marketplace” or a shortened form of the Italian phrase “mannequins Cucine” which literally means “cucumber plant”.

An Overview

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As mentioned above, La Cucina is based in Florence, Italy. Some of their soups are influenced by the local cuisine of the region, e.g. the La Cucina soup with broccoli and garlic, which is spiced with Soya sauce. However, even though most of their soups use real Italian ingredients, this does not mean that all authentic Italian recipes are not served at La Cucina.

The restaurant has an interesting menu that changes regularly. They first started with two soup recipes, one being their traditional beef and cabbage soup. After people found the taste too strong they added chicken broth, bouillon, garlic, onion, dill, parsley, pepper, and then finally broccoli. This has led to many other wonderful soups including their famous chocolate almond soup which is enjoyed by everyone, young and old alike!

La Cucina Review

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Another dish on the menu is the Spinach Ravioli, which is quite popular. It is actually the most basic of pasta dishes and as such many people are surprised to find that it is one of the more delicious dishes on the menu. It is simply a ravioli which is made from whole wheat pasta and therefore is a vegetarian dish. It has a mildly sweet flavor, which is enhanced by the cream which is added. The Spinach Ravioli also goes great as a vegetable dish on its own, or when served with other vegetable dishes such as the meatballs, which is also on the same menu.

As well as the famous soups, La Cucina also serve a wide variety of other pasta dishes, some of which are vegetarian. For example they have a great soup called Lasagna con Mare which is a beef and potato soup. There is also a delicious soup called Lasagna echini, which is made from sweetened, cooked, spiral noodles. If you are not a noodle person on your menu, there is also a fantastic soup called Lasagna in Fettuccini which is made with leftover pasta and zesty fresh vegetables. This soup is excellent served with steamed white rice.

Along with these amazing soups, La Cucina also serves many different kinds of tasty dishes which include soup, pasta salads, seafood dishes and meatballs. You can choose from many different entrees which are available on their website. Many of the entrees are topped with a sauce of your choice, which can either be a sauce of your own invention or one of the numerous sauces available. There are even some options which have cream sauces for those who are looking for something a little sweeter.

Bottom Line

All in all, La Cucina is a great place to eat and a restaurant which is well worth a visit if you are ever in London. The atmosphere of this fine establishment is pleasant and there are many options for you to choose from when dining. The prices are reasonable and the food is quite good. It is hard to go wrong when dining at a place like La Cucina.

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