Popular Italian Restaurants In The World


There is no dearth of Italian restaurants all over the world. Due to the incredible popularity of Italian cuisine, every corner of the world has an Italian eating place. Though this is good news for the connoisseur of Italian food, it is confusing as well. You do not know which will serve you the authentic Italian dish. Thus, to reduce your confusion a bit, we have come up with the names of 5 places that have got the reputation of the best Italian restaurants.

Sugo Pasta Kitchen In Altrincham

From the inception of this place in 2015 summer, it has become famous for serving authentic cuisine of southern Italy. Slow-cooked pasta with beef sheen and sugo scoglio made with cavatelli pasta, jumbo prawns, mussels and cherry tomatoes, baby squid, as well as lots of ginger and chili, are their signature dishes. They have another standout dish which is cooked with pork shoulder cooked and nduja ragu. Their authentic cooking style and all top quality ingredients have helped them become famous within a short time.

Cin Cin In Brighton

Popular for its open kitchen and casual dining, this restaurant located in North Laine of Brighton provides the traditional cuisine of Italy. Tagliatelle cooked with pickled sultanas, sardines and saffron is their specialty. You can also try their fazzoletti pasta shaped like handkerchief cooked grey mullet, stracciatella cheese and broccoli with sprouts. The dishes are cooked following Sicilian style and have a mix of different flavors that will give you a kick in your mouth.

Eusebi Deli In Glasgow

Beginning its journey in 1975 as the grocer shop providing all Italian ingredients, it has become an authentic Italian restaurant. Whether it is a seasonal dish or traditional Italian dish, you will get everything here. Burrata, vignarola salad, as well as pea gazpacho, are some of their standout dishes. They give credit of the tasty dishes to their fresh ingredients that they order from different places. For examples, they order Italian herbs as well as tomatoes from Calabria whereas cured meat from Umbria. They use special flour from Rome.

Cal’s Own In Newcastle

Famous for making different Neapolitan pizzas with unique and fresh ingredients, Cal’s Own is one restaurant that you should visit at least once in your life. The specialty of their pizza is that they use mozzarella made from fresh cow milk and the tomatoes that are grown in the foot region of Mount Vesuvius. The innovative cooking styles mixed with the top quality ingredients have made this place renowned among the pizza lovers.

Rudy’s In Manchester

You name an Italian pizza, and they will serve you with that just in no time. Sub-marinara cooked with extra virgin olive oil, tomatoes, basil, mozzarella, oregano, and garlic is one of the excellent pizzas you have ever tasted. Their romagnola pizza is also worth trying. They have given the classic Margherita a twist by using prosciutto Crudo, rocket and loads of parmesan. It opened the door to the customers in 2015, and from that time, it is gaining immense popularity.