Popular Italian Restaurants Around The Globe


Pasta, the Italian delicacy, has become immensely popular from the day of its origination and the big thanks go to the Italians. Their awesome recipes with pasta using different types of ingredients and dressing have made the dishes must-try. With the increase in the number of pasta connoisseur, more and more restaurants started serving unique dishes of pasta to attract more people. Here, I am going to talk about the renowned pasta restaurant that you should visit once in your life. Otherwise, you can stay away from having a one-of-a-kind experience.

Pasta Loco In Bristol

Opened as the fresh pasta house in Bristol, this restaurant has become famous for their linguine Carbonara. They have given an unusual twist to the traditional Carbonara recipe, and to their surprise, it has become their signature dish.

Popular Pasta Restaurant To Visit Once In Your Life
Popular Pasta Restaurant To Visit Once In Your Life

Coppi In Belfast

Cathedral Quarter of Belfast has the beautiful St. Anne’s Square and there located the favorite restaurant Coppi. Taste their porcini mushroom ravioli, and you will forget about others. Unique taste and fresh ingredients have made this ravioli pasta dish their signature item from the day of its inception. Though this dish alone is enough, if you want something else, you can try their duck ragu, feta fritters and sausage made with pork and fennel.

Pastificio Guerra

Famous for their fresh pasta made with pesto sauce as well as amatriciana, it is a small joint located in the Spanish Steps area. It’s a renounced takeaway where you can get pasta dish at a very reasonable cost. However, if you are lucky enough, you can find a chair and a glass of wine totally free. But you have to stand in the long queue!!

Bottega Caruso In Margate

This is a small Italian place which was started by a couple as a pop-up stall for selling fresh and homemade pasta. But within a few days, they carved their niche for serving the renowned cavatelli pasta. Following grandmother’s recipe, this palatable dish is cooked with meaty ragu from Naples, beef shin and rib, pork belly, fennel sausage, and their handmade tomato sauce. You have to book your table in advance if you are keen on trying your hand on this distinct recipe.

Popular Pasta Restaurant To Visit Once In Your Life
Popular Pasta Restaurant To Visit Once In Your Life

La Tavernaccia Da Bruno In Rome

While you are in Rome, do visit this restaurant and devour their pappardelle made with the meat of the wild boar and ravioli cooked in a unique cacio e Pepe sauce. Besides these two dishes, you can also opt for their lasagna dish that is cooked in a wood-fire. I am sure their appetizing pasta recipes will make you forget other pasta dishes.

Ai Due Platani

Made with hand and cooked with different sauces depending on the season and availability of the ingredients, pasta al Torchio is the signature dish of this place. Their spinach and ricotta filled pasta dish are equally popular. Just before cooking, the chef rolls out the dough, and that’s what makes his dish so unique in its taste and appearance.