Making a Spaghetti Dish With Sausage -

Making a Spaghetti Dish With Sausage

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You may not be able to find Italian sausage at your local butcher, but it is easy to find this delicious treat in most stores that sell pasta. Many people will just assume that it is impossible to make a decent pasta dish with this meat, and some may even turn their noses up when they smell it being prepared.

However, if you are willing to experiment, then you are definitely able to make a dish that will impress your family and friends. The following Italian sausage recipe should allow you to create something out of nothing.

The traditional pasta recipe uses dried pasta. While dried pasta does allow the sausage to stay on the surface, it makes it hard for the pasta to soak up all of the delicious flavor of the sausage.

The good news is that you can easily create a pasta dish that contains sausage as well as the other ingredients. All you need is a mixture of fresh noodles and a little cheese. Once you mix the ingredients together, it will take just a few minutes to prepare the pasta dish.

Saving Money

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This is also a great way to save money and make a dish that is very healthy as well. When you use a pasta that is already prepared and cooked, you have taken the hassle out of cooking and left only the fun part to be enjoyed.

The next step is to prepare the sausage in the same manner that you would make a pasta dish. You will want to mix the ingredients together, and then heat them in a frying pan until they begin to cook. Then you simply roll out the mixture into a sausage shape, which should be easy to do as well as not being hard to cut through.

The final step is to spread the sausage on top of the pasta, as well as sprinkling it over the top of the sauce. As you roll out the pasta, you can make it more appealing by adding a bit of cheese in the center to give it a nice look.


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After you have created a great meal, you will want to refrigerate it for a few hours before serving. The reason for this is so the sausage will be able to soak up the flavors of the other ingredients as well as the fresh ingredients that you have prepared.

The second most important factor is that you will want to refrigerate your meal until it is time to serve it. This way, you are able to keep all of the flavors fresh in your mouth while still keeping them in storage.

Another important thing to remember is that there is plenty of room for error when it comes to making a pasta meal with sausage. Just be sure that you do not go overboard.

Canned Pasta

If you are using canned pasta, then it is best to leave about half an inch of space at the top of the dish for the sausage to sit. When you are mixing together your ingredients, be sure that the ingredients are well mixed.

Making an Italian sausage recipe from scratch is a lot of fun and a great way to enjoy the flavors of Italy. The last step is to make sure that you serve with your dish at the right temperature. This can be done by serving it at room temperature, which will keep the food from melting and therefore spoil your meal.

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