Love For Italian Food: Shredded Chicken Italian Salad Recipes

The Italian Salad Recipes are healthy and presentable. The dish is favorite as a party snack. Moreover, one can serve it in tarts. The chicken used should be finely minced to avoid a lumpy mix. The Salad Recipe is famous in the USA. People are busy and like to eat on the go. It is a healthy alternative that one can pack and get from home. The tarts offer the crunchy bite to the salad.

Love For Italian Food: Shredded Chicken Italian Salad Recipes
Love For Italian Food: Shredded Chicken Italian Salad Recipes

One Of The Famous Italian Salad Recipes


           220 gms minced chicken

30 ml of olive oil

           25 gms minced garlic

           126 gms chopped onion

           salt to taste

           black pepper

           60 gms shredded carrot

           150 gms cabbage

           100 gms finely chopped green onion

           For the sauce:

           50 gms sweet chili sauce

           50 gms peanut butter

           30 gms grated ginger

           40 ml of soy sauce

           50 gms fresh chopped cilantro

           15 gms crushed red pepper flakes

           Five tarts


One needs to Heat oil on medium flame in a large skillet or a pan. Add garlic and onion. Sauté. Add the prepared vegetables and cook for 5 minutes. In a separate bowl, mix all the sauce ingredients. Now add the cooked mixture in the pot. Mix well and spoon them in tarts. Serve fresh. Olive oil is useful because it is a rich source of Omega3. You should not overheat the oil else it will lose its aroma and flavor. Do not put garlic directly in the oil. First, put the vegetables, then add garlic in between.

Love For Italian Food: Shredded Chicken Italian Salad Recipes
Love For Italian Food: Shredded Chicken Italian Salad Recipes

About The Salad

The key ingredient of the salad is chicken. Chicken is rich in protein. It has a good fat content. The fat does not harm the body if the chicken is not deep-fried. The salad is apt for people who are looking for lean fat consumption. The sale will enhance your metabolism and help digestion. It is an excellent alternative to a drive-through meal. Instead of eating burgers and fries on the go, have this salad. It can be packed and taken away. Serving in a tart has its benefits. It does not involve messy eating. You can easily pick and eat while driving or completing your work. The condiments can be in adjustment according to a person’s preference.

I suggest going low on chili. Too much chili will overshadow the flavor of the vegetables. All the herbs used can be in editing too. One might also put mushrooms and corn. However, The sale can be in customization according to your choice. It barely has any carbs or fat content. The vegetables make it fibrous and a rich source of vitamins. The green leaf of cilantro on the top gives the salt a tempting texture. Coriander is rich in antioxidants. It is to add in soups, salads, and kinds of pasta. It belongs to the parsley family.

Moreover, The antioxidants help in maintaining a robust immune system. The flavor helps in cutting salt in one’s diet. Soy sauce is also known to help in fighting a few allergies. In all, the salad is a healthy concoction of high nutritive value.

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