Lasagna Recipes – Which One Is Right For You?

Lasagna Recipes - Which One is Right For You?

Anyone who loves to eat authentic Italian cuisine will appreciate the variety of Lasagna Recipes available. The recipe is a base for many Italian food dishes and comes from the word “Lasagna” which is a Greek word. This means “loaf” in Italian.

With different flavors being cooked in these dishes, it was just logical that the term Lasagna should be translated into English as “loaf”. We now see that if we translate that word into English, we can get a very different meaning. Lasagna is not a “loaf,” it is actually a “deep dish” dish. If we look at what we have come to call Lasagna, it is really more of a dish than a “loaf.”

Lasagna Recipes Helps To Make Best Food

Also, if we look at the original Italian phrase “Lasagna” we find that it translates to “breaded meat” in English. So it is obvious that the true meaning of “Lasagna” is “breaded meat”. The recipe or the Italian way of saying that word, we find that the word is actually “Laczo Bolognese.”

Lasagna Recipes - Which One is Right For You?
Lasagna Recipes – Which One Is Right For You?

In other words, “Lasagna” is something that is being breaded with a meat product. Therefore, by eating an Italian Lasagna recipe you are eating a meal that has been “Laczo Bologneseized”. You will be eating the same kind of meal you would eat in a Lasagna restaurant.

Lasagna is a fairly common dish for many Italian restaurants and by listening to the word “Lasagna” translated into English we will realize why. Many people think that when they hear “Lasagna” that they are going to eat lasagna. We hear the word “Lasagna” and we immediately think of deep-dish pizza, cheese, tomatoes. And other ingredients that would normally come together in a Lasagna pizza.

But, by translating that word “Lasagna” into English we can get a very different meaning. An Italian word “Lasagna” is actually a “deep dish” dish, and an Italian dinner is definitely something that we can call “Lasagna.”

It is also important to know that the difference between Italian cuisine and Lasagna is only one word. In Spanish, the two words mean the same thing, and that word is “lasagna.” Because of the way we use these words in English, it is very important to learn the differences between the two in order to enjoy our Italian Cuisine.

Lasagna Recipes Needs Proper Ingredients

When we say Lasagna we mean to say that we are making a food dish that is baked into a deep dish. And because this deep dish is filled with vegetables, meat, and cheese, the dish is referred to as a “Lasagna.”

Lasagna Recipes - Which One is Right For You?
Lasagna Recipes – Which One Is Right For You?

Lasagna is cooked in a deep dish that allows the food to be bigger than typical cooking methods which will keep it from being “laid back”. And by baking the dish into a deep dish allows the spices and herbs to be added to the dish. This makes it much more flavorful.

If you think about the difference between a lasagna and a pasta dish, you will realize that there is really not much difference. That is why people refer to their lasagna as “Lasagna” and not “pasta.”

There are hundreds of great Lasagna recipes out there, and many of them come from famous chefs. Some of the most famous is David Bouley and Mario Batali.


Both have given us great inspiration and recipes for lasagna. This is a staple in our culture, and it should be a staple in yours too.