Italian Sub Recipe- Make It Drool Some - Italian Sub Recipe- Make It Drool Some -

Italian Sub Recipe- Make It Drool Some

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Italian sub-recipes pretty much make the best meal plan for our lunch, although we are so fond of it that we can eat it in the morning and during the nights. Eating this salty, spicy and tangy subway sandwich makes us crave for it more and more. The garlic cherry pepper spread along with mayonnaise creates a sweet, creamy, and rich sensation with every bite we take.


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A tangy and delicious mix of red wine vinegar from the cut of vinaigrette through each bite from cheese and mayo inside the sandwich makes our mouth water, and the recipe drool some. 

Even each ingredient added in the sub sandwiches has a loud personality; no ingredient overpowers the other making it taste amazing.

Let us see the Italian Sub Hoagie Roll recipe, just 20 minutes, and you are good to go to taste the tanginess of this mouthwatering recipe.

Ingredients Required For Preparation:Italian Sub Recipe

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You have to gather these ingredients given below to prepare pickled cherry pepper spread, red wine vinaigrette, and Italian hoagie.

· White wine vinegar of 1 tablespoon

· Sugar nearly one tablespoon

· Garlic clove, only 1

· six pickled cherry peppers

· Finely chopped parsley leaves nearly ½ tablespoon only.

· Dijon mustard nearly ½ tablespoon

· Finely chopped thyme leaves at least ½ teaspoon

· Olive oil of 6 tablespoons

· Freshly used black pepper along with kosher salt to enhance the taste

· Mayonnaise 2 tablespoon

· three slices of genoa salami

· three slices of Mortadella

· three slices of prosciutto di Parma

· three slices of provolone cheese

· two slices of beefsteak tomato

· Oregano leaves

· Minced rosemary needles

· Shredded iceberg lettuce

Directions Of Preparation-Italian Sub Recipe

1. Preheat your oven up to 400 degree Celsius 

2. First, prepare your pickled cherry pepper spread by using a food processor. In the base of your food processor, mix all the ingredients to prepare pepper spread. Keep mixing these ingredients until a chunky appearance or consistency is developed in your food processor.

3. Transfer the above-prepared mixture into separate bowls and reserve them to use later.

4. It is time to prepare a red wine vinaigrette. Take a medium-sized bowl and mix the ingredients chosen for the preparation of vinaigrette. Slowly stream in a pan olive oil and constantly whisk the ingredients to make sure that the dressing emulsifies. Please use salt and pepper to season it and set it aside to be used sometime later.

5. You have to assemble the sandwich now. Use a sheet pan to toast the hoagie roll for few minutes. Use something to slice the hoagie roll lengthwise, but do not go all the way. Open the roll from one side and spread the mayonnaise inside it on the top layer and the bottom layer.

6. Now spread the prepared cherry spread.

7. Shingle salami prepared across the bottom half of the sandwich. Now add Mortadella, provolone, and prosciutto along with tomatoes. 

8. Drizzle it with red wine vinaigrette and add the left out ingredients to enhance the taste.


Your Hoagie roll in Italian cuisine is ready in its delicious form.

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