Italian Sausage And Shrimp Pasta Recipe With Some Details

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Italian sausage and shrimp pasta are one of the many delicacies coming from the Italian kitchen. We have some idea of how Italian dishes manipulate the human mind with the taste of their dishes. However, one gets lured towards them when you just smell the dish. From dry food to saucy dishes, we felt amazing when slurping through the spaghetti. Therefore, we are here to make your acquaintance with another tasty delicacy.

Italian Sausage And Shrimp Pasta Recipe With Some Details
Italian Sausage And Shrimp Pasta Recipe With Some Details

The Italian sausage with shrimp in pasta is yet again the recipe we will know today. Pasta is somewhat a traditional Italian food. However, the incorporation of the Italian sausage in this food doubled the taste. However, one can even find the crispy shrimps in this dish. Therefore without any more wasting time, let’s get into the topic. 

The Ingredients To Follow Italian Sausage And Shrimp Pasta:

Let us have a quick check at the material list to prepare this mouthwatering yummy pasta dish.


I. You need to get your hands on about one-third pound of hot Italian sausage. However, you need the sausages in thirds.

II. After that check with three tablespoons of garlic chops

III. After that 3/8 cup of shredded_basil leaves

IV. Then check with 3/4 cup of dry white wine

Italian Sausage And Shrimp Pasta Recipe With Some Details
Italian Sausage And Shrimp Pasta Recipe With Some Details

V. After that check with 3/4 cup of canned chicken broth

VI. Next, get your hands on the shrimp. You need to get about 24 ounces of raw medium shrimp

VII. After that, get your hands on nine tale spoon of olive oil.

VIII. After that, six tablespoons of some toasted pine nuts.

IX. And lastly, get your hand on the main ingredient, which is the pasta. Take about one and a half pounds of penne pasta cooked. Get them strained.

Now let us see what the direction which one must follow to prepare this dish is.

The Directions To Follow Up to Finish The Preparation

Since the pasta gets cooked and strained prior, therefore, the process gets a bit time-saving. 

*Directions to follow to prepare the Pasta*

I. Take a large saute pan. Add around olive oil into the cooking pan after the heat, the oil. Next, add the Italian sausage into the cooking oil. Cook it till it turns brown. However, try keeping the sausage slightly under-cooked in the middle potion after that remove it from the pot and place it some other dish. 

II. After that, add the garlic in the hot oil. Side by the side scraps up the pan to prevent any form of burning. After that, add shrimp into the pot. Season the shrimps with salt and pepper to taste. Toss and turn the shrimps, for some 3-4 min. After that taking the shrimps out and place them aside in some other dish. 

III. After that, add the boil along with the wine in the pan. Cook them until they start boiling. Moreover, you need to get them to half. After that, add the pasta, shrimps, basil, sausages in the pan. Toss and turn as the situation demand. After that sprinkle the dish with some olive oil. After that, serve the pasta with pine nut along with the grated cheese. 

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