Italian Recipes That Are Super Simple To Make

Italian Recipes That Are Super Simple To Make

Italy is famous for its food. Therefore millions of people visit Italy every year to taste their authentic cuisine. Everyone loves Italian recipes. It offers mouthwatering pizzas, pasta, soups, desserts, world-class cheese, and also exotic wines. It also provides fabulous cakes and pastries. Therefore visiting Italy is not only famous for sightseeing but also known for its food. The recipes have simple ingredients but are mouth-watering in their way.

Italian Recipes That Are Super Simple To Make
Italian Recipes That Are Super Simple To Make

Some Authentic Italian Recipes

Panna Cotta is a real show stopper initially thought to be from piedmont in North Italy. ‘Panna’ means cream, and ‘cotta’ means cooked. That defines it as cooked cream.


2 cup full cream

1 Vanilla pod

 2.5 tbsp sugar

one leaf gelatin

 1tsp Vanilla extract (not essence)

1 tbsp dark rum.


●Soak the gelatin leaf in half cup cold water until it is soft.

●Grab a heavy bottom pan, add sugar and cream, and mix it well.

●Split and scrape out the vanilla pod and add the whole seed in the cream mixture.

Now add vanilla extracts.

 ●On a medium flame, bring the cream mixture to a boil.

Now switch off the flame.

●Mix in gelatin to the above mix until it dissolves, add rum and strain the mixture through a fine sieve.

●Add the mixture to moulds and refrigerate it overnight until it is set.

Pizza Margarita 

Prepare the base of the pizza as usual.

For the topping:-

●Blend the tomatoes with the help of grinder and strain the excess water.

 ●Take the tomato sauce to add salt and also pepper to it. (according to taste)

●Now spread this mixture evenly on the dough.

●Add small pieces of Mozzarella to top up the tomato sauce.

 ●Cut 3 to 4 Basil roughly and spread it on the Mozzarella.

 ●Bake the pizza at 250 ℃ for 10 to 12 minutes.

Italian Recipes That Are Super Simple To Make
Italian Recipes That Are Super Simple To Make

Ribollita: Italian Recipes

It is said to be one of the comforting winter foods. It comprises of beans and also green veggies. This means ‘boiled twice.’

That means vegetables and beans are first boiled and left overnight. Then some loaf of stale Tuscan bread is added before putting it again in the soup. Also, many choose to include tomato paste or fresh herbs for a much creamy and tastier soup. Therefore, it is simple to make at home.

Zuppa Di Verse e Patate

Cabbage is a winter vegetable that is popular across Italy. Therefore, people prefer it for its high nutritional value. In Veneto, cabbage is the main ingredient of the soup with rice. Cabbage is sliced and boiled with carrot, onion celery, and also potatoes. They all are cooked till creamy. The locals suggest adding crumble sausage or even smoked Bacon to the soup.

Amaretti- small cookies are made from sugar, flour, eggs, and also amaretto. The top layer of these cookies is decorated with crystalline sugar.


Italy is known for its delicious food all over the world. Moreover, most of Italy’s classic dishes are very easy to cook at home. The dishes’ names are confusing, but they are effortless to make. Therefore, people make it around the globe. From mouth-watering Ribollita to creamy gelato, all are dishes that one would die for. Therefore, once in a lifetime everyone must visit Italy for its exotic good. One can also see some beautiful architectural buildings there. If you want to find out more simple Italian recipe, you can go visit this great article.

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