Italian Meal Plan: 7 Day Prep Plan


Dinner is one of the most important meals of the day. But when it comes to making dinner, many of us get afraid, especially after a long tiring day at work. Besides, we keep on scratching our heads what to make for dinner tonight? If you are also facing the same problem, here is the Italian meal plan for you. 

Making dinner this week becomes easy following this easy plan. Everyone will love your ideas, as most of us like to indulge in Italian foods. 

Italian Meal Plan: 7 Day Prep Plan
Italian Meal Plan: 7 Day Prep Plan

Italian Meal Plan For The Week

Before opting for making the foods, make a full-proof plan as I have shown below:

  • Monday – What about some spaghetti and meatballs on the very first day of the week? Sounds yummy, isn’t it? Why don’t you accompany it with some steamed veggies to have a gala yet simple dinner? So, your Monday meal is sorted. 
  • Tuesday – Go easy on your stomach today. So, opt for spicy tomato soup along with cheese croutons. Both kids and adults love the combination of croutons and soup. 
  • Wednesday – Let us dedicate this day to the meatball subs. Combine them with some fresh vegetable sticks. You can also have some fresh fruits along with the subs and vegetable sticks. 
  • Thursday – I am sure you all love lasagna. So, make the tasty lasagna and have some garlic bread as the perfect accompaniment. You can prepare the garlic bread at home in advance and keep it in the fridge. At the time of eating, take out of the refrigerator and warm it up. 
  • Friday – As this is the last working day, you can enjoy making a pizza at home. Opt for some fresh salad along with it, and you are done!
  • Saturday – Lasagna with fresh salad is an excellent option to make the most of Saturday. You can ask your partner and also kids to help you out. This way, you can get to spend some quality time together, and dinner will be ready too. 
  • Sunday – A bowl of chicken salad with lots of Parmesan is an ideal option for a lazy Sunday. 

When you have a weekly meal plan, the craving for going out will be less. 

Italian Meal Plan: 7 Day Prep Plan
Italian Meal Plan: 7 Day Prep Plan

Some Useful Tips For Planning Your Meal

  • It is always wise to sit and create your meal plan at one go. You can discuss with your partner about it. Also, consult with the kids as they are very fussy about their foods. 
  • Make the list of grocery items as per the plan. Do not go and buy lots of potatoes or chicken when you don’t need them. Save money and time by making a well-organized plan. 
  • Does the plan look a little problematic for you? Then you can start slow. Also, you can buy the condiments from the shop to make the plan easier. For example, instead of making the tomato sauce at home, you can buy the low-sodium ones from the store. Instead of making fresh bread at home, you can opt for the frozen dough of bread. 
  • Parmesan is readily available in grated forms in most of the stores. So, you do not need to grate them. 
  • Various types of salad dressings are also available. They help in making the salad quickly.