Italian Food For Christmas Dinner To Make The Day Special -

Italian Food For Christmas Dinner To Make The Day Special

Italian Food for Christmas

Christmas is the time to celebrate with our loved ones. And when everyone has come in one place to make the day memorable, good foods will be a must. However, many families prefer to offer Italian dishes to their friends and family. Still, some of us fear whether we bring something wrong on the Christmas table. If you are not into experimenting, the traditional Italian food for Christmas will be perfect for the night.

So are you planning to offer traditional Italian food for Christmas to your guests? Why not apply some fresh takes into the traditional recipes? Everyone will wish to have an Italian feast every night after your party:

Italian Food For Christmas: Pasta With Mussels And Cream Sauce

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Do you know the cream sauce for this recipe will need vodka? So, you can understand how delicious it is going to be when you put the pasta and mussels into the sauce. However, the sauce is not only made of vodka but also peas and pancetta mix. So, it gives the sauce a thick and creamy texture that elevates the experience of the whole dish.

Crispy Fried-Cod Bites

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When it comes to Italian Christmas Eve tradition, the salted or Baccala and dried cod are extremely special. But why not bring in some variety this year by making the crispy fried-cod bites? Serve it with some lemon to give it a balanced taste. Making the fish-dish is quite easy, and no one can ignore the crispy, fried-version at all.

Italian Food For Christmas: Lemon Cream Shrimp Scampi

Who said that you couldn’t prepare a gourmet meal for the Christmas dinner? This lemon cream shrimp scampi is what you can make to amaze your guests this year. For preparing the delicious and healthy shrimp recipe, you will need a few minutes. You might be wondering why use lemon-cream with the shrimp? The answer is it tastes magical when you just take a bite. The lemon flavors marriages well with the cream giving it an enriching experience. And when you add the delicious shrimps into the equation, it’s a heavenly feeling.

Cornmeal-Crusted Calamari

Do you want to make crusty calamari but want to avoid frying it? Then you have another option to prepare the perfectly crispy calamari in the oven. So, your calamari will be baked to perfection as you coat it with the cornmeal batter. Of course, season the cornmeal with the right ingredients to elevate the taste of the baked calamari. You will love how the calamari tastes.

Mussels And Linguine Fra Diavola

In Italian food culture, fra Diavolo refers to a tomato-based, spicy sauce, which is equivalent to “brother devil”. Besides linguine and mussels, the sauce makes the whole dish complete. For jazz it up, you can also use garlic, crushed red pepper, and fresh fennel. Interestingly, you can serve the dish individually or add garlic bread to it. People love to have it with garlic bread.

When it comes to Italian food items for Christmas, you can never go wrong with it. You will be amazed to witness how much everyone appreciates your hearty endeavor.

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