Italian Dishes To Make When You Have Less Time And A Big Party -

Italian Dishes To Make When You Have Less Time And A Big Party

italian dishes to make

Nothing is better than a good Italian dish. Especially cooking the same. One gets to play with a variety of herbs and cheese. Most Italian dishes are easy to make, especially the salads, if one has the right ingredients. Italian dishes to make are more than just pasta, and every dish is a treat! Here are a few Italian dishes to make at home for some yumminess on the table.

Italian Dishes To Make – Olive And Garlic Pasta

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Speaking of Italian dishes and not speaking of pasta is a no brainer. This olive and garlic pasta recipe is perfect and will be not just flavourful but also one of the easiest Italian dishes to make.

Saute garlic in olive oil and then add some chopped green olives after two or three minutes of shallow simmering in the oil. Add long boiled pasta, salt, pepper. Squeeze some fresh lime to get the right amount of acidity to balance the dish. Then add a generous amount of grated parmesan cheese. This recipe is great by itself, but one can also add a few other herbs like parsley, as per liking. This will make a perfect branch recipe and also a great light dinner. It is extremely aromatic and flavorful. The garlic and olive will together make this delicious mouth-watering dish a perfect treat!

Italian Salad

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For a light, tasty, and full of nutrients dish, Italian salad is for sure one of the popular Italian dishes to make. It is fresh and super tasty. Toss the desired veggie after chopping them. A popular choice for veggies includes lettuce, cherry tomatoes, olives, etc. The dressing can be done in many ways. A popular choice for dressing the salad is vinegar + olive oil. Raw egg is equally popular in Italian salads. Also, dressing with some cheese will add to the taste and flavor. One can prepare the salads well in advance by chopping everything except the tomatoes and storing it on a platter sealed with plastic wrap for up to 24 hours. The dressing can be done later.

Italian Dishes To Make – Parmesan Chicken

Another popular dish for Italian food lovers is parmesan chicken. The classic Italian dish and its classic sauce is a show stopper. The cheese, chicken, and multiple other flavourful ingredients make the perfect Italian dish. Compared to the dishes mentioned above, this one requires more time and effort, but the result will give you one of the best Italian dishes to make. Served with jersey-salad, this will make the perfect Italian dinner.


Whether for a light dish or a feast, Italian food is a great choice. It would be so much fun if you have a list of Italian dishes to make. It could include the basic food choices from the Italian cuisine but still the exquisite taste and looks it could bring to the table cannot be matched. The fresh herbs and the goodness of cheese make the dishes wholesome to have. Italian dishes to make are easy or a little complicated depending on the dish.

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