Italian Cities: Dream Destination For A Foodie


Italy is a land of beautiful places, architecture, culture and above all delicious food. If you have a foodie in you and you have planned to visit Italy soon, having an idea about the six places in Italy renowned for their unique dishes is better. This will make the to-do list pretty easier.

6 Places In Italy: Dream Destination Of A Foodie
6 Places In Italy: Dream Destination Of A Foodie

Rome For Mouthwatering Spaghetti

People come to Rome to witness its magnificent architecture. But you should come to visit to taste their Carbonara. Prepared with fresh and hard cheese, eggs and pancetta, this simple Carbonara will compel you to come back. If you are a die-hard fan of desserts, then do indulge in the gelato after devouring the Carbonara, even if your tummy is full. The gelato obtainable in this capital city of Italy is very special in terms of its texture and taste.

Lake Como For Fresh Water Lavarello

A spectacular area located in Northern Italy, Lake Como has got its popularity not only for its striking beauty but it’s a simple Lavarello recipe that you will get here only. Lavarello is a freshwater fish available in abundance in all lakes of Northern Italy, particularly in Bellagio and Como. The dishes of Lavarello are very famous due to its unique cooking style and taste.

Milan For Flavorful Mondeghili

Invented by the Spanish almost 500 years ago, the Mondeghili or spicy meatballs prepared with ground beef and spices will give your taste buds a different sensation that you didn’t know before. Due to its popularity, it is ubiquitous in Milan.

Naples For Glorious Margherita

Located along the astounding Amalfi coast, Naples will not only provide its tourists with different museums and monuments to see, but it is also well known for its traditional Margherita pizza. Made with simple tomato sauce, loads of mozzarella and garnished fresh basil, this yummy pizza will energize you after a long day of tour at the city. You cannot wait for the whole day to grab it? No problem ..have it first and then starts your tour; sounds exciting?

Sicily For Appetizing Cannoli And Arancini

Keep Sicily at the number one position in your to-do list in Italy. Sicilian world heritage sites, Sicilian foods, and Sicilian people – all are worth visiting this city. Made from rice and stuffed with different ingredients, the deep-fried Arancini is any foodie’s dream. Have it on-the-go or sit somewhere to have a plate of these fried and breaded balls to titillate your taste buds. Do you have a sweet tooth? Then it is a crime to leave this city without tasting their palatable Cannoli.

6 Places In Italy: Dream Destination Of A Foodie
6 Places In Italy: Dream Destination Of A Foodie

Florence For Savory Florentine Steak

If you are a person who is not bothered with calories, then you should indulge in the Florentine steak. Cooked with perfection, this steak is huge, and sometimes, it does get tricky for one person to complete the whole. Though this pink-inside steak is a dream for many, some people do not like this. In that case, you can opt for other steak varieties available here.