Interesting Facts About Italian Food Culture


Want to go to eat in Italian restaurants? Then you should know some facts that dominate the Italian cuisine. Even though the cuisine of Italy has got some modifications according to place and culture, the authentic Italian food cultures standby these facts.

Know The Facts If You Like To Eat In Italian Restaurants
Know The Facts If You Like To Eat In Italian Restaurants

Italian Food Varies According To Season

If you are in Italy, you can witness the dominance of local foods on their platter. Be it pizza or pasta or any other recipe, they make use of fresh and local ingredients available in that particular season. The basic motto of Italian food is simplicity.

They Do Use Cheese But In Moderation

Contrary to what we believe that all Italian delicacies are cheesy, the real style makes use of all ingredients in moderate amount. Whether they are preparing a sauce or a cheese dish, they believe in a moderate portion. Thus, an authentic Italian platter will have everything in very modest quantity.

The Foods Of Italy Are Not Unhealthy

Yes, some people think that Italian delicacies, even if they are incredibly tasty, they are not healthy. The reason behind it is the use of cheese and different types of sauces. On the contrary, Italian foods are quite healthy as they use everything in moderation, and the local farmers supply all the ingredients. The cheese, veggies, seasonings – everything is fresh and top quality.

Know The Facts If You Like To Eat In Italian Restaurants

Eat Spaghetti And Meatballs Separately

In an Italian restaurant, you will never see a platter combining spaghetti and meatballs. Meatballs are generally eaten as an appetizer, and they are cooked with red sauce. If you order both, they will serve you the spicy meatballs and spaghetti in different bowls.

Move Over Pasta And Pizza

Even though the majority of the people order pasta and pizza whenever they think of Italian dinner, but they have a range of exquisite dishes. You will be amazed to see the variety of vegetarian as well as non-veg delicacies made and served by the restaurants in Italy.

You Will Not Find Salt On The Table

The motto of fine Italian dining is to serve appropriately cooked and seasoned dishes. Thus, you do not need to add extra salt or pepper to any of their foods. You might come upon a bottle of pepper flakes on the table in a few restaurants, but a salt bottle is a complete no.

Top Italian Food To Try Out Once
Top Italian Food To Try Out Once

Sensible Use Of Butter And Garlic

Not all recipes have butter and garlic. Even if they use the combination, they do so in moderation so that the taste of the food enhances. They think that the era presence of butter and garlic in any recipe reduces the flavor. Hence the Italians restrain themselves from the overuse of butter and garlic.

Use Expensive Ingredients Just A Bit

In authentic Italian food, the chefs use some luxury elements like Colatura Di Alici, but they do so in a tiny amount. This is an anchovy sauce that makes Italian foods unique.