How to Make Your Own Italian Cream Cake Recipe - How to Make Your Own Italian Cream Cake Recipe -

How to Make Your Own Italian Cream Cake Recipe

italian cream cake recipe

One of my very favorite desserts is an Italian Cream Cake. I love this sweet, moist, and delicious cake, and I’ve tried many different recipes over the years. In fact, I have made it several times from scratch. Today I’ll share some of my secrets about making this delicious cake.

Traditional Italian cream cakes often require shortening in the recipe. But many people like using both shortening and butter in their Italian cream cakes. It’s important that you take the extra time to toast the unsalted coconut to incorporate as a garnish to the sides of your cake, not just making it pretty. You will also find that the butter adds a much richer flavor to your Italian cake than shortening does.

This isn’t the only way to add flavor to an Italian cream cake recipe. Just a dash of fresh or dried fruit can provide a delightful twist to this base recipe. You can make it a simple cake by simply replacing the pecans for raisins, or you may choose to chop them up and add them to your Italian dessert instead.

Italian Cream Cake Recipe

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You may find this Italian dessert recipe called for 3 layers. I personally prefer to make a full 4-layer Italian dessert. It is a wonderful combination of flavor with a smooth texture. In fact, the original Italian recipe called for two layers, but I reduced the recipe to this size for my first attempt. The result was moist enough that the second layer came out easily.

If you want to speed up the cooking time, you can reduce the baking time by using an electric timer. For this type of Italian dessert, I prefer to bake at a temperature of 350. Use a little less oil if you are going to reduce the cooking time. Check on the packages to see the total time, not just the cook time, because the cooking time will depend on the ingredients you choose and the speed of your oven.

You will find this southern cake recipe called for shredded softened cream cheese in its crust. You can melt this along with chopped pecans and add to the baked cake. Or you can leave the pecans at room temperature and add them later. This allows you to add more or less cream cheese to your Italian dessert. It also gives the batter a different texture.

A Much Ado

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These simple yet delicious Italian cake recipes will make anyone who tries them smile. Be sure to follow the directions carefully and make sure you add the necessary ingredients. Also, this is one of those recipes where you can add some chocolate to help darken the edges. That way, you will have beautiful chocolate finished dessert.

Combine all the dry ingredients (flour, sugar, and powdered sugar, and vanilla) in a bowl, and mix thoroughly. Then add in the wet ingredients (butter, eggs, milk, and a pinch of salt) and mix again. Once the ingredients are completely blended, it’s time to take a spoon and fill in half of the prepared batter, and drop it into the prepared pan. Bake it, or until the cake is done. At that point, it’s time to frost the edges with some butter.

There’s another variation on the Italian Cream Cake Recipe that involves using shortbreads. If you just plain cannot find shortbreads, or if you’d rather buy them, then you could use a frozen mix of browned butter and sugar. This would be my favorite kind of frosting, especially when it comes to making the cake together. Just melt the butter and brown sugar together, and then pour over the cooled shortbread mixture.

Final Thoughts

Of course, there are many variations on this theme. Some people like to put a little bit of cream cheese on top as a garnish. Others like to beat butter and eggs together on the beaters in their food processor until they form a stiff paste. Still, others like to beat butter and cream cheese together on their kitchen counter. As you work your recipe along and try different things, you will develop your own style, and then you can transfer your style to an Italian recipe cookbook and use it as a template for whipping up your own Italian Cream Cake Recipe.

The standard Italian Cream Cake Recipe calls for a basic mix of all-natural ingredients. You do not need to add anything else, unless you would like to, such as nuts, raisins, or coconut. If you add anything else, it may change the consistency, so try it out before you put everything together. Adding coconut is optional, but delicious in a traditional Italian Cream Cake Recipe.

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