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Exotic Italian Dishes That You Must Try

Exotic Italian Dishes That You Must Try

Italian is one of the favorite cuisines for people in different regions of the world. One of the best examples of Italian dishes is pizza. Italy has a rich history. Therefore, the Italian country has many other tasty traditional recipes too. Italian meals can satisfy any food lover. Even the top-rated restaurant always consist of Italian dishes on their menu. In this article, we describe some of the exotic Italian dishes that you must try. Therefore, food lovers must read this article carefully until the last.

Exotic Italian Dishes That You Must Try

Roasted Pepper Pasta

The recipe for this dish is very straightforward. However, you cannot even imagine its great taste. It consists of peppers roasted on the grill until it becomes black. Then, you need to cook the pine nuts in the pan.

Add olive oil in a separate pan. Then, fry onion and garlic in it until they become brown. Blend the peppers along with pine nuts. Then, add them in the pan having onion and garlic. Now, add milk for the creamy texture, salt, black and white pepper. Mix the pre-cooked pasta in it thoroughly. Your tasty dish is now ready. Sprinkle basin and parmesan while serving.

Parmigiano Eggplants: Exotic Italian Dishes

To prepare this tasty dish, cut one eggplant into small slices. Sprinkle salt and left it. Make the Marina sauce with fresh tomatoes, onion, garlic, basil and olive oil. Now, bake the slices of eggplant until they become crispy. Pour the Marina sauce over it. Lay multiple layers using the same pattern.

Coda Alla Vaccinara

This tasty dish belongs to the region of Lazio. It contains beef tail with a variety of different vegetables. It consists of carrot, onion, celery, garlic, tomato sauce, tomato paste, chicken broth, cloves, parsley, etc. There is an addition of pine nuts and raisins to provide unique sweet-sour taste to it.

Exotic Italian Dishes That You Must Try
Exotic Italian Dishes That You Must Try


It is a traditional Roman dish. It also originates from the Lazio region. The main ingredient of this popular dish is tripe obtained from calf or ox. The preparation of beef tribe completed with celery, tomato sauce, and onions. Moreover, you can serve it with some other Italian dishes.


It is an easy dessert that originates from Sardinia. It is a small sweet dough. Moreover, the best way to serve it is along with the chestnut honey. The name of this recipe originates from the world “seu,” meaning animal fat. This dish has great importance in the past. The shepherd’s wife served it in the spring season to their husbands when they returned home. It tastes best when served warm.

Schiuma Di Mare: Exotic Italian Dishes

This dish is a seaside cuisine. The translation of this dish name in English is “sea foam.” Moreover, it is popular food throughout Italy. A requires small sea fish as an ingredient. However, each region of the country has some variation for the preparation of this dish. In Liguria, people use salted water to boil the fish. The people of Apulia region makes the fish pies with this dish.

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