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Easy Italian Sausage And Peppers Recipe

italian sausage and peppers recipe

French fries. Sausage, green beans and sauerkraut are a great way to top off this hearty dish. Serve over white rice. If you like it fried, make sure to have a crumb tray to go with it so that your guests don’t end up with soggy, crisp, almost raw potato crumbs.

Leftovers can also be used in this dish. Leftovers can be seasoned as you normally would with a pepper or onion, such as with garlic powder, oregano, etc. The other thing you can do with leftover sausage, peppers and onion is to make a nice thick, cheesy pasta sauce. This pasta sauce can be used as a pizza sauce, adapted to use with leftovers, or mixed with pasta and served cold.


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You can make this Italian sausage and pepper sandwich by leaving the rind on the saut while preparing the vegetables first. slice the ham into one-inch pieces and place on a plate with the vegetables. Then cut into quarter-inch chunks and add in the cooked saut to create a delicious sandwich.

To serve this dish, take half of your ham and place it on one end of the bread. Spread the oil onto it, and then sprinkle in the pepper, followed by the chopped garlic and basil. Then fold the bread over so that the pepper and garlic are now on the opposite ends. Place onto warm plates and serve.

Italian Sausage And Garlic Nut Rolls

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Making this Italian sausage and garlic nut rolls is fairly easy. Start by gathering up all your ingredients, which consist of: two tablespoons of unsalted plain flour, five cups of milk, two teaspoons of dried thyme, two teaspoons of dried Rosemary, one and a half teaspoon of dried red pepper flakes, and approximately two tablespoons of dried peppermints. Utilize your electric mixer to mix all the ingredients until they are completely smooth. Next, place the flour on the counter and begin to knead it until it becomes a dough. Knead it for about five minutes, making sure to cover the ingredients with at least two tablespoons of flour.

Once you have kneaded the dough, create a ball of it and place it onto your baking sheet. Next, create a ring with the top end of your hand and roll out the dough. Now, cut it into three even pieces. Place the centre into the already prepared oven and pop in the oven. Once the sausage is done baking, remove it from the oven and let it cool down.

A Cookie Cutter

After it has cooled down, you can slice it into half-inch pieces using a cookie cutter. Then, take your slow cooker and put all the pieces into it at once. Make sure all the ingredients are mixed well and placed into the cooker. Then set the timer for three hours and enjoy your homemade Italian sausage peppers recipe.

Another great thing about this Italian sausage recipe is that it makes a delicious meal for two. If you are going to serve it to your family or a group of friends, you will need to bake it on the bigger side. Since there are a lot of ingredients in this dish, you should ensure that it will not become too heavy for your gentle man or woman to eat. Therefore, half a pound is perfect for a two-person dinner.

A Mouth Watering Dish

In addition to the sausage in this Italian sausage recipe, there are a lot of vegetables that make this dish a mouth watering dish. For example, onions, bell pepper, garlic, tomatoes, basil and green onions provide a delicious crispy skin for your dish. All these ingredients play a major role in this Italian sausage recipe, which is one of the most famous dishes in America today. You can even cook this dish with different other ingredients like tomato sauce, ham, bacon, cheese and other meat products.

When it comes to preparing this Italian sausage sandwich recipe, you will need a food processor, mixing board, rolling pin, skillet and any other cooking tools that you may find handy. Before you start preparing this Italian sausage sandwich recipe, you need to let the mixture cool down for a few minutes so that it can harden properly. Once the mixture becomes dry, you can now start assembling the components.


These ingredients should be ready before you start baking the Italian sausage. First of all, you have to line the baking board with aluminum foil. Second, place the ingredients on the baking board and arrange them in the order of their preparation. Finally, you have to put the lid on the oven and place the board in the oven.

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