Cheese, Cheese Melter And One Recipe With Cheese To Learn

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The love of cheese might make you crazy. Therefore you can take the help of a specific tool to make it all easy. Also, the food lover should work hard and incorporate new and every possible kitchen tool. They not only will enhance cooking. They will also fasten_up the cooking_time.

Additionally, they will make the overall cooking process simple. Therefore try having the equipment if you are a food lover. And today, we will have a slight look at the tool for the cheese_lovers. Thus without any further ado, let us get going with the topic. 

Cheese And The Cheese Melter Are An Amazing Combination.

If you are a cheese_enthusiast, then grab the cheese_melter as soon as possible. We often try having grated cheese or the meted_cheese in our favorite food items. However, the process_might be a time-consuming one. Therefore when you have the melter in your kitchen, the desire to make something new increases. Additionally, experimental ideas always turned out to give you a brilliant outcome.

Additionally, after you melt the_cheese, you can use the cheese as a dip also. Therefore get the chance to have the melter as soon as possible. Now we are going to learn a recipe for_cheese. This is a yummy one. 

Cheese, Cheese Melter And One Recipe With Cheese To Learn
Cheese, Cheese Melter And One Recipe With Cheese To Learn

Cheese Rice: Ingredients To Follow:

1. Take around two and a half cup of stock. 

2. After that, take around 1 cup of rice.

3. After that, take one cup of_cheese.

4. Then take like 1. 25 gm of pepper. 

5. And take the apt amount of salt to taste.

Now let us a glance at the steps to prepare the simple basic cheese_rice-

Cheese, Cheese Melter And One Recipe With Cheese To Learn
Cheese, Cheese Melter And One Recipe With Cheese To Learn

The Direction To Follow The Cheese Rice

1. The first step in this yummy preparation is that heat the stock. Take a large pot to heat the stock. Therefore start the step by taking the stock into a large saucepan. After that, heat the stock into the medium range. However, one can have plain water for this recipe. Or you can even go for vegetable, mushroom, turkey, beef or chicken stock.

2. After the next step cooking the rice. Add the rice into the pot. Place the heat in the medium range. Wait till the rice is boiling. After that, place the heat to the low range. After that cook the rice some extra 18 -20 min. 

* the best quality of rice for preparing this dish is Arborio.

* you don’t have to wait for the stock to boil before place the rice in the pot. 

3. The third step is to go for the cheese. Try using the melter for melting the cheese. However, the ones who do not have the melter try grabbing one as soon as you can.  

* the cheese can be of your liking.

4. The last step is mixing up all the ingredients. For that, you need to add the melted cheese to the rice. However, you need to add the cheese_after the rice gets fully ready. Add the pepper and salt for taste. However, add them before serving. However, you can even go adding the parsley for having some extra flavor to the dish.

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