Calories Italian Sausage Food Items Might Carry – Know More

calories italian sausage

The Italian sausages are a favorite delicacy that is consumed around the world. The word sausage is derived from a Latin word called ” salsus,” which means salt. The processed sausages are stored in cold conditions such as the deep freezer in a refrigerator to maintain its long shelf life and prevent it from spoiling in the warm conditions. On average, 346 calories Italian sausage. The Italian sausages are generally prepared using the coarsely ground pork along with fat and some wild boar.

Calories Italian Sausage

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Sausages make an important part of all meals around the world. However, calorie Italian sausage tastes like no other type in the world. The sausages are made up of different meats such as beef, chicken, pork, etc. These are flavored with different spices and usually had as a breakfast item in American households.

Each sausage type is prepared differently and is flavored by various spices. However, the Italian sausages made in the northern region are prepared with garlic and fennel, which gives it a sweet and spicy flavor. And on the southern sides, the sausages with red pepper flakes are the most popular ones. The pork used for making sausages is mainly cured. In simple terms, a salt solution is used to preserve the pork for a long time. One of the most famous calorie Italian sausages is bologna originated from the regions or bologna in Italy. The style of preparation of these sausages differs from one place to another.

Calories Italian Sausage Types

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There are various other types of calorie Italian sausage made with different ingredients and preparation methods. Some of them are stated down below.

Mortadella: These are emulsified sausages that have also originated from the region of Bologna in Italy. These have a rich and fatty texture as they are prepared by adding chopped pistachios, the fat cubes of pork, black pepper, and some myrtle berries. It’s calories Italian sausage is around 311.

Luganega: These are also called the countryside sausages. They originate from the Lucania region on the northern side of Italy. These sausages are prepared using the meat from the pork’s cheek or leg region, and nutmeg, pepper, coriander, and cinnamon are added to give a flavor to these sausages. The area of Lucania is also famous for its smoked variety of sausages. The Luganega can vary in taste depending upon the location these are made.

Cotechino: These sausages are originally from the region of Emilia in Italy. They are made from the pig’s rind and flavored using cloves, wine, pepper, and nutmeg. After preparation, they are cased in budella, which is the intestines. According to the new year tradition in Italy, having the Cotechino sausages and lentils together are said to bring good fortune for the upcoming year.


The calorie Italian sausage offers a variety of types along with its different flavors. You can serve these even during a party and people will love the taste. These sausages are either cured or smoked for preservation. Overall the different varieties of the calorie Italian sausage are loved by people around the world.

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