Best Italian Restaurant in America

Best Italian Restaurants in America
Best Italian Restaurants in America

Italian food is one of the most loved cuisines around the globe. Americans are especially obsessing over Italian food. The pasta, pizza, risotto are some of the few Italian everyday dishes that are served in every Italian restaurant. Italy is all about its art and architecture, more than that it’s about the food. The best part about Italian food is that the ingredients used are very simple, which makes the dish relishing. In an Italian recipe hardly 5 to 6 ingredients. The focus is always on maintaining the quality of the food.

Some Great Italian Restaurants

Best Italian Restaurant in America
Best Italian Restaurant in America

There are more than 500 variants of pasta that people consume, but every pasta has its originality and taste. The best thing about Italian food is that the food taste differs from restaurant to restaurant. Here are some of the famous restaurants that serve various type of excellent Italian food.

Best Italian Restaurants in America
Best Italian Restaurants in America


The 17-foot tall ceilings with those ornate staircase and those shiny marbles are one of those things that will attract you the most when you enter the restaurant. Apart from its sophisticated interior, one thing that you will love the most in this restaurant is its food. The building is of the ancient Roman structure design. The grand staircase is an excellent confluence between the ancient Roman World and the present World. Here the menu changes with time, but the deliciousness of the cuisine will always amaze you.


The open kitchen with pure wood interiors sports a great vintage look. The kitchen has a wooden oven of the open kitchen that gives a clear view of what deliciousness is cooking inside. One of the best dishes of this place is the handmade pappardelle that is made with chestnuts and tortellini and figs and pistachios. They bring the authentic taste of Italy to America.

City House

City House is the ultimate unicorn restaurant in America that serves authentic Italian food. Here we can get spaghetti squash with buttermilk cheddar and kale pesto, one of the most trending dishes of this restaurant.


This restaurant was an instant hit when it came in the market; within a short period, this restaurant took over the whole market and was very popular. The 3000 sqft garden not only serves as a great sitting area but also has herbs which they use in the dish. Although some of the recipes aren’t that Italian, it is still a great place to eat Italian.


In the year 2003, it was regarded as one of the finest dining restaurants in the World. The pasta in this restaurant is the best, and they taste Italian. It is one of the famous restaurants for serving staple Italian food outside its native place. It’s difficult to get a reservation in this restaurant as the demand is high and the location of the site is excellent as it is located just outside North Beach.

Felix Trattoria

Felix Trattoria is one of the most picked restaurants in America. This restaurant is new to the market but is already everyone’s favorite. It was launched last year in Venice for the people craving authentic Italian food. This place serves some of the best pasta that is handcrafted for the people who loves to enjoy Italian food. The best thing about this restaurant is that each pasta is hand-rolled with flour that is imported primarily from Italy to give that Italian touch. Felix Trattoria serves one of the best plates of pasta in Venice. Open the menu, and you will find around 10 to 12 pasta on the list.

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