Best 5 Traditional Italian Dishes Names And 12 Essential Italian Ingredients -

Best 5 Traditional Italian Dishes Names And 12 Essential Italian Ingredients

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Delightful, flavorful, and fresh and amazing, the sun-kissed Italian dishes are worth tasting. But, to find the best dishes with such an amazing taste, the best suggestion is to try local and time-honored specialties instead of “innovative” and “creative” fare. Well, eating is one of the best joys in Italy. Italian dishes’ names, their ingredients, and even everything are joyful to know and eat. So, let’s take a blog tour and get everything about Italian dishes, cuisines, etc.

What Is Italian Cuisine?

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If we talk about Italian cuisines, then its traditional meals and its ingredients are great in the aroma as well as taste. While cheeses, sauces, and pasta are key ingredients across the country. Meanwhile, every region has its own different and unique taste that has used to the Italian cuisine.


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There are various fabulous traditional dishes in Italy, but no one can beat the very essence dish – Pizza. High-quality ingredients, freshness, simplicity, and history all come together to make the most authentic and perfect kind of pizza.

Basically, pizza is topped with extra virgin oil, mozzarella cheese, and tomatoes. In reality, preparing true pizza is an art and simple ready with 4 or 5 simple ingredients.

There are 3 main flavors of pizza, but Margherita is the most famous. It is the classic color dish, loved by almost everyone.


Lasagne is one of the oldest pasta recipes and traditional simple food made by various layers of pasta sheets, cheese, sauce, and meat. Meanwhile, there are numerous ways to make Lasagne, but the most famous one is the classic Lasagne, Alla Bolognese, made with Reggiano cheese. On the other hand, Lasagne Napoletana contains sausage, meatballs, as well as mozzarella and ricotta cheese. Also, it’s served in Naples.


Italy’s Panzanella is a delicious, healthy bread and is usually served with tomato salad during the summer season. Basically, it is the classic peasant dish of Italian cuisine. On the other hand, Panzanella is made with leftover bread, fresh basil, cucumber, sun-ripped tomatoes, juice, and seasoned with vinegar and olive oil.


You will love Burrata at first bite if you like cheese. Well, Burrata is the buttery and rich artisanal cheese of amazing quality that is actually made from fresh cream and mozzarella. The plus point of this dish is it can be served with anything from pasta to salads and sandwiches. But it looks shinier when it spreads on crusty bread slices.


Caponata, the beloved eggplant Italian dish of the island. The star ingredient of this dish is the aubergine, but its sour and gorgeous sweet sauce makes it such a delightful vegetarian meal if we talk about its ingredients, so it contains capers, celery, onion, and other veggies people have in the kitchen.

However, Caponata has a special or traditional recipe because every cuisine and home has its own alternate version of Caponata.

12 Traditional Italian Ingredients

  1. Extra virgin olive oil
  2. Balsamic vinegar
  3. Garlic
  4. Pasta
  5. Pasta sauce
  6. Fresh tomatoes
  7. Oregano
  8. Capers
  9. Porcini mushrooms
  10. Basil
  11. Italian cheese
  12. Red wine, white wine

So, above is the complete list of Italian dishes names that will help you for your next Italian cuisine trip. Pick one of the fantastic dishes and feel the taste like never before.

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