Authentic Italian Recipe For Tiramisu -

Authentic Italian Recipe For Tiramisu

Authentic Italian Recipe

Tiramisu is one dessert that is liked by many people. It is excellent for your dinner parties or casual get-togethers. Further, it is made authentically in an Italian way that enhances its taste even more. If you have tasted a regular tiramisu, you will realize that Tiramisu’s authentic Italian recipe tastes different.

Also, there are several variations available in a recipe of a tiramisu that you can try.

Ingredients For Authentic Italian Recipe Of Tiramisu

A bowl filled with pasta and broccoli





A touch of sugar

A touch of alcohol

Cocoa powder to dust over it

You must know that the airy texture of a tiramisu comes because of the whipped eggs. Further, ensure to use quality ingredients for your dessert because elements play an essential role.

How To Make Tiramisu?

A piece of fruit

To get started, separate six eggs, and place 3 of the egg whites in one bowl, and six egg yolks in another. Further, add three tablespoons of sugar to the egg white bowl. Then use a hand mixer to whip the eggs.

Further, you will be able to know the egg whites have reached stiff peaks when you pull the mixer out of the mixture, and a little peak sticks straight up.

Then keep the stiff egg whites aside, and switch over to the egg yolk bowl. Further, add three tablespoons of sugar to the egg yolks. Then whip the mixture until the mixture goes from bright yellow to pale yellow.

Further, ensure that the mixture is thick and see the mixture piles on the top.

Then add mascarpone into the mixture. It is a mild and creamy Italian cheese that is available in small tubs. You might find it similar to cream cheese, but they taste different.

Combine in the mascarpone with a hand mixer until completely dissolved. Further, gently fold in the stiff egg whites, 1/3 at a time.

Building Of Tiramisu

Ensure to use fresh espresso in the step. Keep it at room temperature. Further, combine it with a couple of spoons of spiced rum. You can omit the alcohol if you don’t want it.

Place the mixture in a flat and small dish to soak the ladyfinger entirely in it. Soak them for about 2 seconds.

After soaking the cookies in the mixture, place them in an 8X8 square dish evenly. Then add a layer of mascarpone over it. Further, repeat this process until the dish is full. Also, garnish it with some cocoa powder or any more things you wish to add over it. Then cool the Tiramisu for about 2 hours. It tastes best when it is adequately cooled.

You can even make it in small containers or glass jars.


Desserts are always unique. Further, they become extraordinary and close to heart when you make it authentically. And Italian Tiramisu is one such recipe. Each one of us is going to relish this one. Moreover, like other authentic recipes, it does not include too much work. It is quite simple to make. Further, it tastes heavenly.

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