7 Italian Summer Foods To Eat This Season


The things that come in our mind after hearing Italian food are pizza and pasta. Moreover, it must come as these Italian foods are popular in almost every region across the globe. There are many other traditional foods in the country of Italy too. Italy also has a big list of summer foods. However, these Italian summer foods are not like boring salad. In this article, we describe the seven Italian summer foods to eat this season. You must try these tasty foods to make your summer memorable.

7 Italian Summer Foods To Eat This Season
7 Italian Summer Foods To Eat This Season

Prosciutto E Melone: Italian Summer Foods

This food contains thin ribbons of prosciutto arranged over pieces of cantaloupe. The prosciutto provides saltiness, and the melon gives a sweet taste. It makes the taste of the dish inexpressible. Moreover, it is very nutritious and good for health. Most people love to serve it as an appetizer to begin a meal. It tastes greater when accompanied by a glass of white wine.

Insalata Caprese: Italian Summer Foods

You can enjoy this tasty tomato salad at any moment of the year. However, it tastes best in the summer season when tomatoes are juiciest and plumpy. You can serve it with any accompanying recipe. Moreover, you can also enjoy it as a full meal after topping with shredded basil leaves. This origination of tasty dish takes place in Capri, which produces Italy’s greatest mozzarella.

Insalata Di Riso

You can call this wonderful dish as an Italian rice salad. The preparation of this dish takes place by a combination of various ingredients. Moreover, you can also vary some of them as per your personal preference. The vegetarian uses vegetables and eggs to provide better taste. The non-vegetarians include fish or meat to make it a complete meal.


This fantastic summer dish makes use of the best vegetables of the summer that is aubergine. It originates from the city of Sicily. The recipe contains stir-fried aubergines along with tomatoes, celery cooked with vinegar. Moreover, you can also add sugar to provide a sweet-sour taste. To provide more substance, people add Red and yellow bell peppers with olives or capers.


You can have this dish as a vegetable meal or salad. It contains hunk of stale bread, onions, basil, tomatoes. Moreover, you can add olive oil and vinegar to soften the bread and provide flavor. The greatest thing about this dish is that you can reuse it as it contains stale ingredients. Therefore, it is a perfect meal for the hottest days in summer.

7 Italian Summer Foods To Eat This Season
7 Italian Summer Foods To Eat This Season

Spaghetti Alle Vongole

Italy has a significant coastline. Therefore, there is a considerable amount of fish and crustaceans supplied in the summer season. In other regions of the world, the name of this recipe is spaghetti with clams. To prepare this summer recipe, you need to fry clams with garlic and oil along with the chili. Many people prefer it to eat it along with chilled white wine.

Gelato: Italian Summer Foods

It is the ultimate dessert to try in the summer season. Moreover, you can enjoy this tasty food in part of the year. It contains the flavors of the most delicious fruits with dairy-free gelato. It is healthier than ordinary ice creams.