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6 Items Included In Italian Breakfast

The majority of the Italians start their day with a hot steaming coffee, preferably cappuccino and a piece of pastry or bread follows it. To your surprise, they have a wide range of pastries as well as bread and all are distinctly flavored. So, you will feel puzzled when it comes to deciding what you will have. Thus, to give you an idea, I have accumulated some foodstuffs that people of Italy generally have in the morning.

6 Items Included In Italian Breakfast
6 Items Included In Italian Breakfast


Perhaps, this is one item that has become an essential part of Italian breakfast, even if it not a food. The Italians like to have their espresso or cappuccino as soon as their morning starts. The espresso is the black coffee provided in a little cup, and the latter is the black coffee having frothy milk on the top. All the children start their day with either hot milk or hot chocolate.


It is one of the staple foods in an Italian breakfast table. Cornettos are similar to the French croissant. Italians like to have their cornettos plain. They generally dip them in the coffee and eat them quickly before going to work.

Ciabatta Bread With Cheese

The combination of bread and cheese is very famous in Italy, especially as the first food of the morning. The bread popularly eaten in Italy for breakfast is called Ciabatta. Italians generally have the thick bread slices with mascarpone, ricotta or parmesan cheese. Due to the softness of ricotta or mascarpone, they spread the cheese all over the bread slice and gobble it. But as the parmesan is hard, they have a slice of parmesan as the perfect accompaniment with Ciabatta bread.


If you have a sweet tooth and you have no problem in having sweet bread as soon as you wake up from sleep in the morning, then go for biscotti. This double baked sweet bread is hard and crunchy like a biscuit. You can either dip it in your espresso to make it softer or have it just like that.


Even though the Italians prefer a light breakfast mostly on-the-go, but on the weekend they do indulge in a hearty breakfast along with their family and friends. And when it comes to making a delicious as well as heavy breakfast, no one can beat the casserole. Made with loads of cheese, mushrooms, eggs, bacon, sausages, heavy cream and bread slices and seasons with salt, pepper, different sauces, this baked breakfast casserole will turn the breakfast into a lavish affair.

6 Items Included In Italian Breakfast
6 Items Included In Italian Breakfast


Eggs and butter go into making this sweet and soft bread. The application of egg wash just before baking makes the crust shinier and tastier. Though the majority of Italians have this bread with butter, some have it just by dipping into their coffee.

So, these are the foodstuffs that are generally seen on most of the Italian breakfast tables.

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