5 Italian Restaurants You Have To Try In The US


If you are in the United States and sad thinking that you cannot taste Italian foods here, then let me tell you are wrong. Why? This is because the presence of fantastic Italian restaurants all over the United States will enthrall you. Wait ..wait .. do not go by the look and ambiance of the restaurants Italian located there. Taste the Italian cuisine first, and you will not want to leave the place. So, shall we start?

Bottega In Birmingham, Alabama

Tall ceilings, luxuriant marbles, and stony outer structure will make you think for a minute whether you are in Rome or US. Now if we pass the structure, you will find an array of dishes engulfing you in their aroma. Immerse yourself in the grilled quail with sweet potatoes and pancetta or spaghetti accompanied with tasty lobster. Want some more? Try the egg salad prepared with fried oysters and pancetta or Sicilian style lamb caponata. Though these are their stand-out dishes, this restaurant keeps changing its menu so that their customers do not get bored.

5 Restaurants Italian Located In the United States
5 Restaurants Italian Located In the United States

La Ciccia In California

Opened by a couple to be a cozy local joint, it has become one of the happening places of California. If you are in California and you do not visit La Ciccia, you will really miss the three star-items of this restaurant. Octopus stew full of flavors and spices, Seared lamb coated with saba and Flatbread from Sardinia – order these 3 and make your dinner memorable for the rest of your life. Do not forget to order a glass of Sardinian wine along with these three delicacies and enjoy the dinner that will stay in your memory forever.

Coltivare In Houston, Texas

The field of this restaurant is hidden in their garden of 3000 sq.ft where not only you can enjoy an open-air lunch or dinner, but you can observe various fresh Italian herbs and veggies that go into their cooking. Try their pepperoni pizza, even though it is slightly different from the authentic Italian one. But it has an alluring taste that will make you ask for another slice.

Monteverde In Chicago, Illinois

Having an open kitchen covered with a mirror to give the customers the view of all the craziness going on, it is quite popular among the locals as well as the tourists. Aren’t you interested in seeing the making of splendid bread or crab dishes? Not an issue. You can sit in a peaceful corner with your excellent agnolotti prepared with ricotta, preserved plum and chanterelles and enjoy the magnificence. Its taste and the ambiance both will make you want to come again.

Giulia In Cambridge, Massachusetts

Think of Giulia when thinking Italian – it is simple. Flatbread of Sardinia or the pasta prepared with fennel, minced garlic, home-cured lots of chilies and pangrattato are their signature dishes. They are popular for serving the hot anchovy sauce with lots of flavors.

So, follow this list and enjoy good Italian food in the US.