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5 Exceptional Pizzerias In Italy

5 Pizzeria For Providing Exceptional Italian Pizza

Italian pizza – the name is enough to bring water in your mouth. The perfectly cooked crust, fresh and different toppings make the pizza a must-have whenever you are Italy. A few pizzerias are in Italy, which have carved a niche for themselves for offering the yummy as well as exclusive pizza. Let’s check them out so that on your next trip, you can bang on their door.

5 Pizzeria For Providing Exceptional Italian Pizza
5 Pizzeria For Providing Exceptional Italian Pizza

Sud In Florence

The Margherita or marinara pizza of this place is incredible. The dough is made with three types of flour and very light in texture. Authentic buffalo mozzarella cheese and fresh tomatoes are used as toppings. Here you get to devour the pizza in its traditional and original taste.

50 Kalo In Naples

Going to this place is worth your time as you will get to indulge in some fantastic and not-tasted before pizzas. Their Pizza del’Alleanza or marinara, prepared with fresh onions, lardo, loads of Romano cheese as well as mozzarella will make you glued to it. Want o to have some traditional pizza in Naples? This place will provide you with some unique combinations when it comes to choosing the toppings.

Gusto Divino In Saluzzo

Saluzzo is a beautiful town located in the Piedmont area of Italy. If you are visiting this area, then keep time to visit the Gusto Divino, a pizzeria famous for its exclusive pizza. Here you will not only find different toppings, but the dough in use is different for each variety. Made with all top quality as well as local ingredients, the Burrata and Iberico ham pizza are worthy of going there.

5 Pizzeria For Providing Exceptional Italian Pizza
5 Pizzeria For Providing Exceptional Italian Pizza

Pepe In Grani In Caiazzo

One of the most excellent pizzas that you can have on this planet is Margherita Sbagliata. Made with cold tomatoes, fresh basil and loads of mozzarella, this recipe is pizza lover’s delight.

Perciasacci In Palermo

Made with the ingredients available to the local farmers and seasonal toppings, you cannot go wrong with your choice of pizza from this pizza house. Mozzarella di Bufala or Lo Sfincione di Bagheria is extremely popular because of their alluring taste and diverse toppings. While the former is made with rosemary, herb, sage, and spearmint, the latter is prepared with loads of ricotta, pecorino, onions, bread crumbs, and anchovy and it has a thick crust.

Sapore In Verona

Different styles of dough for making the pizza base are the specialty of this pizza joint. Misticanza, Pistacchi as well as Mortadella are 3 pizza types from this powerhouse of pizza that will melt your heart. If you are looking for pizza that will not only make your tummy full but will also make your heart happy, then do not give this pizzeria a miss.

Pizzerium In Rome

Excellent quality toppings and thin, almost undetectable crust – these are the things that have made Roman pizza incredibly popular, not just in Italy but all over the world. You are in Rome, and you have not visited the Pizzerium for devouring their potato cheese pizza is a serious offense. Why? Have a bit once and you will know!

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